Careers At Manifestation Miracle


We are looking for talented writers with a background in Psychology, The Law of Attraction or Holistic Health, to help reshape the personal development landscape and help us in creating articles, videos and products that reach over 1 Million fans worldwide.

Our mission is to “Make Other People’s Lives Better” through helping our readers to gain a ‘growth mindset,’ one in which people believe in themselves and their own power to improve. We seek to empower our readers to choose themselves, so that they can be an inspiration to other people in their lives.

Our readers utilise The Law of Attraction, combined with the readiness to take action when opportunities arise, in order to design and move towards creating the life that they want. We love writing about many topics related to personal growth also, including tips for productivity, better relationships, boosting self confidence, reframing obstacles as opportunities for growth, decluttering, spirituality, meditation, nutrition and more.


Guest Bloggers

We are also looking for experienced writers in this niche who may wish to write guest blog posts on our site. Either as paid work, or in exchange for mentioning their website at the end of their post.


Graphic Designers

We are looking for Graphic Designers who have a great eye for design, while at the same time possess other important skillsets including quality php coding skills, experience with WordPress, and experience with book layouts.

If you wish to apply for any of the above positions, please ensure that you include a portfolio of your previous work, including your TWO BEST examples for us to look at.

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